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For many men, the amount of money they want to spend will be a significant factor in their decision. Simply put, if you don’t have allot of money your choices are limited.

For the cheapest sexual experience, the Red Light District is your best bet. That being said the more you ask for the more they charge. For example getting a Blow Job can set you back 50 euros, sex will be more, kissing more, touching breasts etc.

Basically the more you want the more expensive it gets to the point where getting an escort would be cheaper. It is at this point where getting an escort is cheaper and better value for money. The base rate for an escort is more but is cheaper when adding all the services offered.

So if you just want a quick blow, go the Red Light District, if you’re wanting more then think escort.


The environments between the red light and escort hotel rooms are quite frankly speaking opposites of the spectrum. Although accommodation at the Red Light is clean, for the most part, they are basic and rather cd. For many men, this will just not do. if you like the comforts of a 5-star hotel then Red Light district is something you want to stay clear of.


Service in the Red Light is somewhat rushed, quick 20 minutes in and out, any longer and you will be pay allot more. Conversely, hotel escorts typically work for a minimum of one hour meaning things will be far less hurried.


This is rather subjective in terms of what you are looking for. Typically hotel escorts are better dressed and in many cases are used to an upmarket clientele. In the Red Light district, girls are usually only wearing underwear and are used to a more inebriated client. Attitudes are different and the general vibe is worlds apart.

Regarding the quality of the girls themselves, you will find beautiful escorts in both cases.


For men who do not have any accommodation and have limited time, then the Red Light District is definitely your best bet as this is all provided for you. Hotel escorts require a bit more planning and cost which is not always the objective behind most men.

The Red Light district also has the advantage of you not having to pay or booking anything, which for some may be a priority, especially when you are trying to conceal your activities.


Both setups have both positives and negatives regarding privacy. Hotels naturally provide a certain level of privacy especially those that do not want to be seen going to the Red Light district. That being said, the Red Light also provides privacy in plain sight. With so many thousands of tourists, one can easily slip in and out of the district without anyone being the wiser.

Final Conclusion

In summary, choosing which type of escort experience you favor will come down to a number of factors. Are you looking for a high-class escort service or a quick no frills sexual encounter, the choice is yours.

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