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Men always make the same mistake when choosing an escort – Looks Looks Looks

It’s true that looks are important, but as a total package for a night of fulfilment looks only make one part when choosing the perfect escort appearance.

As an escort agency we have learnt the following factors have a significant impact on a clients overall experience.


Communication is critical in order for the client to both express himself, without decent communication between the escort and the client things can quickly become awkward and frustrating, it it therefore always a good idea to choose and escort that can either speak your language or you can both speak a common language, like english.


Not all escorts offer the same sexual services. It is therefore critical that before ordering you express you needs and requirements. Never assume that your needs will simply be provided for, always find out exactly what is on offer and if it will cost you additional money, many services do.


This is a factor rarely explored and it should be one of the most important considerations when choosing an escort. Escorts have personalities like any woman, finding the one that suites your needs will greatly enhance the sexual encounter. When ordering an escort speak the the agencies operator and ask them for an escort which has the personality traits you are looking for. For example, wild, crazy, quite, sweet etc. the agency operator is the key to your success here. She will typically know all the girls and in many cases will be friends with them. What you may not realise is that operators are not only trying to satisfy your needs but also trying to keep the escorts happy, which means trying to find the right match … your input can greatly simplify this process.


Most of the time men want a young escort, the younger the better. This of course can be at odds with the quality of service depending on what you are looking for. Certain services require skills that are acquired over time, others require a more mature woman with life experience. What you need to realise is, the difference between 21 and 26 is huge when it comes to escorts, be smart when choosing and consider this factor, it can be the difference between a great X as apposed to an alright X.

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